Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reading Detective: More Cam Jansen

Cam Jansen The Mystery at the Haunted House - This is the 2nd book read of the mystery genre. The story takes place in an amusement park with Cam, her friend Eric,, Aunt Katie and Uncle George. While taking a snack break Aunt Katie notices her wallet is missing. Did someone steal Aunt Katie's wallet or did aunt Katie misplace it? Cam with her photographic memory begins gathering the clues to solve the mystery.

Young Cam Jansen and the New Girl Mystery Jenny, the new girl in school is hard to miss because she talks incessantly. Eric gently informs her of the no talking rules to no avail. After lunch, the class attends gym, but all is too quiet. Where is Jenny? Did she get lost. Cam and Eric set off to solve the mystery

Including the 2 listed above we have read 3 Cam Jansen books. So far I've noticed the Young Cam Jansen mysteries deal more with everyday problems or mysteries where no crime is involved. The higher level Cam Jansen book does have all the elements of a mystery book, the crime, suspects, clues and red herrings.

Alexis likes the older Cam Jansen with the more complex plot but she really likes the memory activity located at the beginning of each Young Cam Jansen book.

As we continue with mysteries, we will move beyond the Cam Jansen series possibly to Encyclopedia Brown as Raising A Happy Child from Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns suggested. I used to love those books when I was a kid.

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  1. We picked up a couple of "full" Cam Jensen to read, but Anna didn't like the level of conflict or suspense. Perhaps in a year or two she will change her mind.


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