Book List

This is a list of books we have read beginning in July 2011. This is not a complete list, I am updating it as time allows. Books with ** are Alexis's favorites.

Picture Books
  1. A Christmas Story
  2. A Pussycat's Christmas
  3. All The Colors Of The Earth
  4. Amelia and Eleanor Go For A Ride
  5. An Angel Just Like Me
  6. Atlas Of People
  7. Beany Wakes For Christmas
  8. Beatrice's Goat
  9. Bringing The Rain To Kapiti Plain
  10. Click Clack Moo Cows That Type
  11. Clip Clop
  12. Children Just Like Me
  13. Christmas City
  14. Come Back Amelia Bedelia
  15. Diary Of A Spider **
  16. Don't Let The Pigeon Ride The Bus **
  17. Fly Away Home
  18. Froggy's First Kiss **
  19. Give A Goat
  20. God Gave Us Christmas
  21. How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  22. If You Take A Mouse To The Movies
  23. I Love You Stinky Face
  24. I Spy Fun House **
  25. I Spy Treasure Hunt **
  26. Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale
  27. Knuffle Bunny Free
  28. Knuffle Bunny Too: A Case Of Mistaken Identity
  29. Madeline
  30. Madeline's Christmas
  31. Mary Clare Likes To Share
  32. Mummys Made In Egypt
  33. My Librarian Is A Camel
  34. Noel's Christmas Secret
  35. Oh Say Can You Say
  36. One Hen
  37. One Green Apple
  38. Pigs In The Mud In The Middle Of The Rud
  39. Pinkalicious Pinkie Promise **
  40. Pippi Longstocking's After Christmas Party
  41. Pyramids Of Egypt
  42. Reindeer Christmas
  43. Sadie and the Snowman
  44. Sitti's Secrets
  45. Snowmen At Night
  46. Someplace To Go
  47. Sponge Bob's Secret Valentine
  48. The Bears' Christmas
  49. The Berenstain Bears And Too Much Junk Food
  50. The Berenstain Bears Go On A Ghost walk
  51. The Can Do Thanksgiving
  52. The Cat Who Wore A Pot On Her Head
  53. The Foot Book **
  54. The Human Body
  55. The Hungry Caterpillar **
  56. The Magic School Bus In The Haunted Museum
  57. The Monster Who Did My Math
  58. The Night Before Christmas
  59. The Pigeon Finds A Hot Dog **
  60. The Pigeon Wants A Puppy **
  61. The Polar Express
  62. The Puppy Who Wanted A Boy
  63. The Story About Ping
  64. There's A Wocket In My Pocket **
  65. This Is The Way We Eat Our Lunch
  66. Trick Or Treat Little Critter
  67. Trick Or Treat Smell My Feet
  68. Uptown
  69. Who Built The Pyramid
  70. Who's In Rabbits House?
  71. Yard Sale

Chapter Books
  1. Cam Jansen and the Mystery At The Haunted House
  2. Charlotte's Web **
  3. Down On The Funny Farm
  4. Freckle Juice
  5. Junie B. Jones Is a Beauty Shop Guy
  6. Junie B. First Grader At Last **
  7. Junie B. First Grader Boss Of Lunch
  8. Junie B. Jones First Grader Cheater Pants **
  9. Junie B. First Grader Jingle Bells, Batman Smells (P.S. So Does May!)
  10. Junie B. Jones One Man Band
  11. Nicholas
  12. The Bailey City Monsters Vampire Baby
  13. Young Cam Jansen Mystery At The Library
  14. Young Cam Jansen And The Mystery Of The New Girl
  15. Zack Files Don't Count On Dracula

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