Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Read To Feed Reaching For The Goal Line

Alexis has officially began reading for Read To Feed. Her goal is to raise $100 to give a gift of livestock to a family in extreme poverty. The money will be donated to Heifer International an organization that has been around for 65 years giving those in need a hand up not a hand out. Along with the gift of livestock the family receiving this gift will also get the training needed to raise the livestock.

A gift of one flock of chickens will provide a family in need with a sustainable living. Chickens produce eggs, a good source of protein. The eggs can be used for food and they can also be taken to the market and sold, giving a family a source of income. The chicken manure can be used to create a fertile compost to add to a garden therefore yielding more produce. Adding a rooster to the flock will allow the flock to grow and empower the family to "pass on the gift." Each participant who receives a gift of livestock from Heifer also agrees to give away an offspring to a neighbor, this is what Heifer International calls "passing on the gift". Passing on the gift produces a continuing chain of giving and has the power to lift an entire village out of poverty!

Below you will find a donation button if you would like to contribute to this wonderful cause. Our average donation is $5.00/person. That is equivalent to 25¢/book and Alexis pledges to read 20 books by December 6, 2011.

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