Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Book Advent Days 14, 15, 16

Christmas City: A Look Again Book by Michael Garland
Tommy's receives an invitation from Aunt Jeanne that sends him on an amazing adventure to Christmas City. A flying cab is awaiting to whisk Tommy away. On the journey, Tommy finds riddles left by Aunt Jeanne that will guide him to his final destination. 

This book is full of hidden pictures and words. We had to get out our pencil and paper to keep track of all of our findings. 

Sadie and the Snowman by Allen Morgan
Sadie builds a snowman but as it begins to melt she saves as much of the snowman as she possibly can. Every time it snows, Sadie rebuilds the snowman combining new snow with the old snow. Sadie rebuilds the snowman several times throughout the winter, forming a close friendship. As spring approaches, Sadie realizes there won't be anything left of her snowman so she saves a part of him for next winter.

Reindeer Christmas by Mark Kimball Moulton
Two children and their grandmother help a weak deer that is found in the forest. They feed the deer and keep it warm nursing it back to health. On Christmas morning, a gift from Santa is awaiting them explaining how they saved Christmas.

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  1. We haven't read any of these books - Christmas City sounds very interesting!


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