Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Indian Pow Wow

Alexis has been sick for the last few days so I am a little behind on this blog post. On Saturday, we went to an Indian Pow Wow at the Shakamak State Park. We were so excited about learning a little about the Native American Culture. 

Mostly, the Pow Wow was just us watching different Indian dances. Alexis and I did get to join in on a social dance and that was fun. The photo above shows a potato dance. The two dancers are holding a potato between their foreheads. This is a dance for couples and  if you drop your potato then you must remove yourself from the arena. Two couples tied for the winner, the prize was a bag of potatoes.

This is an Indian teepee, that someone was camping in. 

This was Alexis's favorite Indian regalia. I think she liked the colors and the bells attached to the skirt.

We tried Indian tacos. It was made with fry bread with a chili sauce and taco toppings on top.

We bought some souvenirs for Alexis, a dream catcher, Indian money, a wooden top, a small charm and a mood ring . We had fun but we were all disappointed in the pow wow. There were few participants and we did not come away feeling like we were more informed of the Native American culture.  There was another Native American event that took place near us at Angel Mounds. This event may have suited us better, maybe we will try it next year.

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  1. Aww sorry it wasn't quite what you expected hopefully the next one will be better. I been to several POW WOW's when I was a kid. I do plan on taking my children to one once we return to the states and begin studying Native Americans. Thanks for linking up to the Field trip hop

  2. I think we need to go to a bigger Pow wow, one that will have more tribal nations attending. I have read that some Native Americans boycott the pow wow's in Indiana because they believe this state is too discriminatory.


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