Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dick And Jane And The Vampire: Controversial? Yes or No

My daughter loves vampires, so when I saw this book on Amazon for $4.00 I had to order it. My great aunt taught me to read using Dick and Jane books in the early 80's. For me this purchase is more for my own nostalgia than for a teaching tool.

Since I haven't received the book yet, I decided to look up the reviews. You can find lots of reviewers that believe combining Dick and Jane with vampires is ludicrous or sick. One reviewer even said this book was too liberal for her and her children. Really?...Dick and Jane to liberal? Personally I don't see the difference in reading about vampires or reading about a big bad wolf that is going to EAT YOU!

But wait... in Dick and Jane the vampire is friendly. The big bad wolf really IS going to eat Little Red Riding Hood up! I guess...many fairy tales could be considered liberal. 

I don't know how my very conservative Aunt, who taught me to read, would feel about vampires in Dick and Jane Books. But I think it is awesome!  

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