Thursday, August 4, 2011

Finding Pen Pals To Help Kids Learn Geography

Alexis's mamaw has this brilliant idea about how we could teach Alexis about other cultures.

So here is mamaw's idea:

Each month we will pick a different country and learn about their traditions and customs. We will learn each chosen country's traditions by reading books we find at the library.  During that month, we will devote one day to live according to the customs and traditions of that culture. (Ex. Preparing a meal centered around the traditional cuisine)
    I just love this idea and Alexis is very excited about it. I thought if Alexis had a pen pal it would really add to the whole experience. Alexis says she wants a pen pal from London. I will have to work on that...but for now I signed us up for Postcrossing, a postcard exchange. 

    We hope to get lots of postcards and we are open to receiving letters, too. Alexis will be posting some of her experiences at her new blog 


    1. What a great idea!! We may copy this. I can't wait to check out that Postcrossing site!

    2. Hi.I;m Renee from 2011 Letters and love your idea.If she wants penpals from other countries or items from other countries,simply visit the postcrossing forum and go to penpals and make a post and also go to other items for trade and you can request to trade goodies,etc from any country.We have tried candy and all sorts of things from other countries.By the way,send us your address and we'll send you a postcard and also tell you about my husband's country..won't tell you the will be a surprise. :) Email me at Thanks!

    3. Thank you Renee! I just sent you an email, we would love to send you a letter too. Thanks for the advice, I am going to postcrossing now to find some penpals!


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