Thursday, August 25, 2011

Geography: Learning About France

Alexis received her first postcards in the mail! One from Denmark and one from France. Would you like to take a peek at Alexis's postcards? You can seek a peek at Alexis World Traveler. The nice ladies that sent these postcards wrote very good messages that could relate to a young girl.

Alexis says ever since she watched the movie Ratatouille she has wanted to learn more about France. We spent some time finding France and Denmark on our big world map. Then we went to the Kids National Geographic website and looked at photos of the Eiffel Tower and Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc is Europe's tallest peak rising 15, 781 feet, within the French Alps.
Eiffel Tower

Mont Blanc
We also talked about some of the French words we know such as, bonjour, mademoiselle, oui and bon appetit. We even watched a French cartoon called Le Petit Nicolas, in English "Little Nicholas."

Alexis liked the cartoon and watched the entire episode but she said it would have been better if there were words at the bottom. (It does not have any subtitles.)

We are patiently waiting for more postcards to arrive in the mail. Would you like to send Alexis a postcard? Email me at alexisworldtraveler[at] We would love to receive your postcard or letter with some interesting information about yourself and the country or state you live.

Until next time...Au Revoir!


  1. Thank you for linking up, we are starting France this week! :D

  2. It's a great start! We usually cook foods from the country we are studying. Anna loved Mousse Au Chocolat :)

  3. We will be starting France soon. I can send a post card from either England or Greece as we are going there end of the month:) Let me know if you are interested:) Now following, hop you will follow back:)

  4. Adventurer, I just sent you an email with the address, we would love to get a postcard.

    Raising A Happy Child, Mousse Au Chocolat sounds divine!


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