Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Great Educational Resources

Last Thursday our school had their yearly open house. I got a chance to see Alexis's classroom and meet her fabulous teacher. As I was touring the classroom, I noticed a list of educational websites near the computer station. One site that was listed we are already using  Starfall 

Also listed was Spelling City, where you can enter your spelling list and practice spelling the words. You can also play fun games and activities with your spelling list such as hangman, missing letter, match it - sentences, and lots of other activities.

Shepard Software Math This site has math games from early math to pre algebra. I haven't spent much time on this one yet but I love free sites with math practice.

Dance Mat Typing I am most impressed with this one. At first, it seemed like first grade was too early to teach typing skills but the more I thought about it the more I liked it. Of course, it makes sense to teach kids typing at such an early age. With technology today, this is a very valuable skill at such a young age. I am embarrassed to admit this but I have never taken a typing course. In school I was not required to take typing so I opted out. It is never too late to learn so Dance Mat Typing is teaching me to type (the proper way).

Alexis has started the Dance Mat Typing at home and has already learned home row in the first lesson. She is excited about learning more.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the list! I checked out Sheppard Math and really liked it. Now I can give Anna some fun games to play when she begs me to have computer time.


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